Karen's Box for Cooks - June 2021

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Karen’s Box for Cooks JUNE

BBQ Sesame Cook-in Sauce a beloved Asian sauce with ginger and sesame. Great for chicken or as a glaze for roasted vegetables or stirred through noodles or a simple stir fry. *recipe included

Tarragon Almond Spoon Sauce.  The bomb. Possibly the most perfect condiment of all.

Tamarind Cook-in Sauce. another favourite from The Kitchen – a classic for fish.  Also wonderful with vegetables. Versatile too: with basil garnish it feels like Thai Sauce. With coriander it feels Middle Eastern or Indian. Yum. *recipe included

Fish Sauce Vinaigrette. a fabulous Thai-influenced dressing for cabbage, or any vegetables. Also great with steak and chicken.

Doenjang Cook-in Stew. Deep umami. A Korean fermented soyabean paste similar to miso, this is a delicious flavour. I have added naartjie to create a sauce you can use for a beef or lamb casserole or for chicken pieces.  Great, of course, as a finishing sauce for roasted  vegetables. Garnish with spring onion. *recipe included

Syrup for Gluhwein. You’ll know what to do with this. Purchase a not-so-great red wine. Heat gently with this spiced syrup to taste (it has all the bits)

Pink Peppercorn Butter. surprisingly fresh and very pretty – a pat on steak, potatoes, vegetables of all kinds for fragrant deliciousness.

Chutney Podi. (dry chutney) such a great asset to a kitchen – a curry leaf based sprinkle for vegetables, rice, wraps and on toast with butter!