Karen's Box for Cooks - January 2021

Karen's Box for Cooks - January 2021

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ORDERS CLOSE Tuesday 19th January

DELIVERY ON Tuesday 26th January
COLLECTION ON Monday 25th January  

Aubergine Cardamom Jam – absolutely superb with roast lamb, chicken, alongside rice, or soft feta on your cheeseboard

Tahini Dressing – an absolute must to have in any kitchen. Friend to a host of vegetables, grilled fish, grilled aubergine. I have added a few recipes for your to try.

Favourite Dijon Vinaigrette – another standard to drizzle over leaves, steamed broccoli, slaws, carrots, sandwiches…

Kimchi – mine has ginger, apple and pear. I think you’ll like it! Add to rice. My favourite? Atop crispy buttered toast!

Curry & Mustard Leaf Mayo – this is a novel and delicious thing! Nutty and slightly spicy, it is superb over all kinds of potatoes. It makes a great dip and can be spooned over rice, salads, roast chicken or grilled fish.

Dhanya Chutney – another favourite from The Kitchen – stir a little through your tomato smoor. Fantastic with sausages, lamb chops. Make a cheat coronation sauce with mayo and yoghurt.

Dukkah – I’m very proud of my dukkah. I developed it years ago before dukkah was a “thing”. Good bread. Good olive oil. Dip oiled bread in the dukkah. Repeat.

Sorrel Butter – this sour-salty butter is heavenly on fish. Have a little taste and think of all the other things it could go with… vegetables, steak….

Lemon Squares (of legend!) – a bit of nostalgia. I fell in love with these when I lived in the states in the early ‘90’s… I had to make up my own recipe to try and relive that first bite. I think I got it right! A taste of nostalgia from The Kitchen. With my love.

Optional Extras

Walnut Chilli Crisp 

Horseradish Sesame Dressing 

Green Goddess Dressing