Karen's Box for Cooks - Febuary 2021

Karen's Box for Cooks - Febuary 2021

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ORDERS CLOSE Sunday 21th February

DELIVERY ON Thursday 25th February
[only to Cape Town and surrounds]
COLLECTION ON Friday 26th February

Nouc Cham – classic Vietnamese sauce with a myriad of uses… dipping, drizzling, marinating, swirling..

Miso Dressing – an invaluable dressing for all vegetables, roasted or steamed, great for stir fries, noodles

Moskonfyt Sumac Dressing – for salads of all kinds

Cacio e Pepe Butter – whipped butter with the indulgence of parmesan and black pepper.  Best stirred through pasta. But dotted on steak… heaven!

Ploughman’s Pickle (my own Branston) – traditional English vegetable pickle fantastic with cheese.  Great on sandwiches Ploughman’s Pickle and burgers too.

Horseradish Aioli – very piquant dip, dressing or spread. Marvellous with beef. But also with eggs, casseroles, tuna and fish.

Green Chutney with Chaat Masala – a very fresh, spicy green sauce asking to be used with wraps, curries, and as a relish for chicken or fish.

Seedy Gomashio – a salted seedy topping for rice, salads, vegetables, even on toast with bananas and honey and creamed cheese.

Shortbread – the purity of butter, sugar and flour. The cook’s treat with tea or coffee.