Karen's Box for Cooks - April 2021

Karen's Box for Cooks - April 2021

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April Box for Cooks

Curry of the Seven Veils cook-in sauce A classic and versatile cook in sauce from The Kitchen. Roast Vegetables or cook fish or chicken. Add ½ - whole tin of coconut milk to taste and pour over your chosen curry for the last ½ hour of cooking to heat through your sauce.  Serve with lots of chopped coriander and toppings and sambals of your choice.

Mustard Marmalade Sauce for Chicken

Sumac Dressing a tart dressing for salads and slaws, wonderful with tomatoes and with Mediterranean Salads. Also great drizzled over honeyed chicken. (see recipes)  

Tartar Sauce Another classic to serve with fish. Wonderful on sandwiches or with salads. (see recipes)

Harissa Paste A spicy North African paste. Whip with butter and serve with warm greens. Wonderful stirred through chickpeas and roasted peppers (See recipe)

Whipped Feta a wonderful dip or spread.  Top with Salad Greens for a beautiful salad.

Basil Salt A herbed salt to use with tomatoes, stews, eggs, salads

Kohlrabi Pickle a sweet-tart pickle delicious alongside meaty dishes, even shepherd’s pie and in wraps and alongside Asian dishes.

Black Sesame Dressing a nutty deeply sesame dressing for greens or blanched spinach or fish.

Anise Brown Sugar Cookies